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        After years of dealing with distribution companies, sales agents, career managers and a host of Hollywood spin doctors, we finally realized we didn't need them. What we needed instead didn’t exist.  This is what gave genesis to CRYPTIC PICTURES DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION, a one stop shop for independent filmmakers who are seeking two things... world wide distribution of their product and a return on investment.  

        In the new paradigm of digital distribution there is no reason to throw money at companies that can't be bothered to promote you, take all your film's revenue and-- in some cases-- lock you into a "buy back" clause that leaves you legally holding the bag for the distributor’s unnecessary expenditures.


        This is why we’ve created CPD. You pay one small upfront fee and we will submit your film to any of a wide selection of digital outlets. If for some reason your film is not accepted, you get your money back (save a small processing fee). If it is accepted… you receive all download revenue from that point forward!

         Contact us for more information. We would be more than happy to consult with you regarding the many distribution options available, the pricing structure for each and provide you with "been-there-done-that" advice on advertising and marketing campaigns.

            Remember, we've been in your position. Don't be taken advantage of ever again. CPD will never transfer the rights to your film to any other entity and we will never take possession of your product. You, the creator, retain proprietary ownership for life. All we do is provide the means to get your film released to the public and provide you with the return on investment you deserve.

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