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The Latest in Horror Anthology

Dark Zodiac is the working title of a new horror anthology to be produced by Maryland-based CRYPTIC PICTURES, creators of the award-winning 2013 “shockumentary” Mortal Remains.


In a unique twist on the anthology format, Dark Zodiac will incorporate 12 short films – to be created by unknowns or rising stars within the horror genre – into one grand tale of dread and dark comedy. A 13th “wraparound” story by Cryptic Pictures founders Mark Ricche and Christian Stavrakis will tie all twelve of these disparate tales together.


Cryptic Pictures plans to release the completed film sometime in 2019, following a film festival run and a theatrical engagement in New York  (which will be funded by the producers).


The title Dark Zodiac indicates that each of the short films will be centered around one of the astrological signs in one form or another. One filmmaker might focus on the negative or “shadow” aspects of a particular sign (Scorpios being notoriously vengeful, for instance), while another might incorporate identical twins into a tale involving Gemini. This loose interpretation will allow each of the filmmakers to create a short which is almost entirely of their own contrivance, as long as it incorporates some trait or theme relevant to the sign they have chosen.


How these individual stories are ultimately linked is anyone's guess...  

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