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CRYPTIC PICTURES announces its follow up podcast series, "Women In Film": an in-depth examination of all things female in the history of cinema.  

The legacy of women in the industry is long and storied; the tales of which are neither familiar, nor studied in great depth...  until now.


Crypticast Series 2 will dive deep into the origins of and legacy behind the women of cinema. From the very first female filmmaker/studio head, to an exploration of modern day  difference makers, and the industry landscape that each was forced to traverse, in order to make a name for themselves in motion picture history. 

*This series will be released episodically, over the course of several years .


CRYPTIC PICTURES announces the release of its long awaited, in-depth examination of the state of the film industry and the impact this "new normal" has had on filmmakers and audiences worldwide. Join award-winning directors Christian Stavrakis and Mark Ricche, as they guide you through the shape-shifting maze of 21st century Hollywood in ten revealing episodes, each focusing on aspects of the art, craft, and commerce of the industry.  From their first-ever Hollywood story pitch to the completion of their award-winning debut film Mortal Remains, the filmmakers share the lessons they learned and the inspirations that led them to continue their pursuits in light of the

demise of the Hollywood they once knew. A must-listen for any and all indie filmmakers who are forging the future of cinema!

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Mark Ricche's (left) film career spans over 25 years as a writer. director, actor, producer, film financier, educator and now owner and CEO of Cryptic Pictures LLC. In 2010,  his film work captured the attention of the ​​​​​American Film Institute which subsequently screened eight of his short subjects in a special night of screenings. Mark's industry experience includes associations with Sony Pictures, Dimension Films and Disney. With his original screenplay Point Imperial he was adjudged the winner of the 1995 Wisconsin Screenwriters Forum Screenplay festival and is also a two-time Mid-Atlantic Region Best Actor Award recipient.  He currently resides in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Christian Stavrakis has maintained an active presence in the film industry for over two decades in a wide array of capacities, primarily as a sculptor, writer, and genre historian. He has worked on numerous features including ​The Mothman Prophecies, Dogma, Wonder Boys, Tom Savini’s cult classic 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead and Altered, Eduardo Sanchez’s follow-up to The Blair Witch Project. Some of Christian’s production sculpture was featured prominently in the Haxan Films production Lovely Molly, which was released to critical acclaim in 2012. Christian resides in Pittsburgh, PA, the City of the Living Dead.

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