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Episode Descriptions:
Episode 1:
An introduction to CryptiCast Series One, "Hollywood in Post" and its hosts Christian Stavrakis and Mark Ricche.
Episode 2:
Episode 3:
Episode 4:
An introduction to the state of modern Hollywood.  Join award winning hosts Christian Stavrakis and Mark Ricche as they explain in detail how Hollywood has lost the "art and soul" of cinema, why it is bound by sequelitis and why the Hollywood of yore has all but vanished. 
Filmmakers Christian Stavrakis and Mark Ricche will take you through the most difficult part of the filmmaking process: Inception.  In their broadcast they will explain how they created an award wining film from scratch.  (And no, we are not talking about the 2010 film by Christopher Nolan.) 
Join award winning filmmakers Christian Stavrakis and Mark Ricche as they address the most asked question posed by filmmakers world wide… "Holy shit… what the heck did we get ourselves into?" Most film projects collapse in the earliest phase of the process, pre-production.  Learn how to avoid becoming another victim of the pitfalls and perils of the film making process.
Episode 5:
Episode 6:
What are the first, most crucial steps in making an independent film  before you even shoot your first frame? Establishing a production company, which offers the filmmaker legal protection and a measure of credibility; and promoting the project AND your new company immediately... ideally, before production even begins. Why? Mark and Christian will explain the necessity for both and how each of these vital steps played out in their own production experience.
It has been said that filmmaking is "the art of negotiating imperfection." Christian and Mark can testify to this  literal truth.  Join your hosts as they share the ups and downs of a five-year journey to complete their award winning debut feature, "MORTAL REMAINS".  This is a can't miss episode, chock full of lessons learned (the hard way!) that can and will help indie filmmakers across the globe avoid the many pitfalls on their own journey to the big screen.
Episode 7:
Episode 8:
It is truly an exciting time to be an independent filmmaker! Now more than ever, prospects abound for those eager to reach a worldwide audience. Join your hosts, award winning filmmakers Mark Ricche and Christian Stavrakis as they elucidate on the modern film distribution paradigm, providing guidance for those crafty enough to enter the digital age. The revolution has begun! Are you ready to be part of film history? 
Episode 9/10:
An in depth and revealing double-episode-interview with indie filmmaker Eduardo Sanchez, director of "The Blair Witch Project" (1999).  Ed shares his journey from struggling cinephile, to being on top of the cinematic world after BWP claims the title of highest grossing film of all time (budget to gross) and his subsequent struggles facing the evolution of the new Hollywood paradigm.
It's known as the "illusory truth effect"; repeat something enough and sooner or later it will be accepted as fact. (Think Muhammad Ali's axiom, "I am the greatest."  The power of hype is an independent filmmakers greatest asset, especially in an over saturated market place.  Standing out can be the difference between your film being "picked up" or your fate becoming artistic oblivion.  Join your hosts, award winning filmmakers Christian Stavrakis and Mark Ricche as they provide an in-depth  lesson on the "power of hype" for today's independent filmmakers. 

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Bonus Episode 11:

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CryptiCast welcomes Steven Douglas Craig of  Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions to discuss the current state of the Hollywood studio system and what the future holds for the film industry at large.
Bonus Episode 12:
CryptiCast welcomes back Steven Douglas-Craig of for another bonus episode on screenwriting in modern Hollywood.  Learn about the trials and tribulations of the craft from an actual writer living in Los Angeles and working in the industry.
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